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Related post: Date: Mon, 1 Aug 2005 15:53:01 -0700 (PDT) From: rimpigfl Subject: RECRUITED preteens list FOR THE CORPS 07TO MY READERS: As I write this, the fighting continues in Iraq and Afghanistan where our gallant forces, especially members of the United States Marine Corps, are still being killed and wounded on a daily basis. This story kidz preteen naaked is dedicated to all members of the United State Military who are living in harms way.Copyright (c) 2005 by RimPig. All rights reserved. Permission is granted to Nifty Archives, to archive and display this work. All other uses are expressly forbidden unless explicit arrangement has been made with the author. This copyright applies to all chapters and pages of this work. It may not be reproduced, posted, stored electronically, or archived, except for personal, non-public use, without the express written permission of the author.RECRUITED FOR THE CORPS Part 7 by RimPig 2005Erik and I left Wally at the bus station soon after and made our way back to the apartment. hardcore underage preteen I was quiet all the way there, lost in thought over what Wally had revealed to me. Erik noticed, I'm sure, but he must have been aware of what was up with me because he said nothing on the way. When we got back to the apartment, however, he pulled me into the living room and onto the couch. He put his arms around me and had me rest my head on his chest. He did this all without saying a word.We sat there a long 100 preteen models time not saying anything at all. I'm sure that he was waiting for me to say something, not wanting to intrude on my thoughts. It all seemed so bizarre to me! I gay preteen free mean, you hear about stuff like this happening but you don't expect it to happen in your own family. At least, it gave me a whole different preteens tits photos perspective about why my mom was the russion preteen models way she was."I thought all this time that she was just weak - that girl preteen toplist she couldn't kick the shit because she didn't have enough guts." I said finally speaking."I would figure that anybody who worked those streets out there had to have a lot of guts. Hell! Especially a woman! There are some really freaky guys out there who just like to hurt women, but I guess preteen voyuer she knew about them." Erik said."Yeah, I guess she did! Can you imagine that shit! Your own father raping you?! Damn! That shit's really fucked up!" I said."Fuckin' A! That's really low-life shit to do that to your own preteen dog fucking kid! No wonder she took off and never had anything to do with her family again!" Erik said."Well...I can see that about her father, but what about her mother? yong hot preteen Why didn't she want to have anything to do with her?" I wondered out loud."Probably because she was no damn help in protecting your mom from the bastard. He was probably beating her mother as well. Least ways, that's what I've seen. Guys who will beat on their kids will beat on their wives, too. Usually start with their wives." Erik said."Really? Did you see a lot of this growing up?" I asked."Nah! I never saw anything like that! No. I saw it in the Corps, though. We had one corporal who ended up going to prison for killing his wife, he beat her so bad." Erik told me."You're kidding!" I said."Nope! It happens, unfortunately. I mean, I love the Corps and all that but the fact of the preteen little models matter is, it don't pay real good being a Marine. If you're just a single guy it's okay but if you got a wife and kids, it can be real hell making ends meet. I know some guys who's families are on Food Stamps because they make so little! Ain't that some shit! You put your fuckin' life on the line for this country and they don't pay you enough to buy your family food! It ain't right. It's a lot of stress on guys and a lot of them don't know how to handle it and end up takin' it out on the people around them." he said."Why doesn't the Corps do something about it?" I asked."They do. At least they try to. They've been increasing the services to families, counseling and shit, tryin' to help them cope with the problems. I'll tell you the truth, part of the problem photo preteen nudist is that some of the guys get married way too damned young. They're like 18 or 19 and they go home on leave and come back married, dragging their wife along. And you know the real reason they webcam hxxp preteen do it is that they're lonely and want some 'permanent pussy' to fuck because they ain't gettin' any." hawaiian preteen girl he said."Uhh...I'm only 18. Are you saying I'm too real preteen pantys young to 'get married'?" I asked quietly.He squeezed me tight."No, babe! It's different with us. First of all, we ain't gettin' married just to have sex. We don't 'have' to get married for that. For those guys, though, the only way the girls will come back to base with them is if they're married. Secondly, I ain't draggin' you back to live on a Marine base - something that can't be a whole lot of fun for a girl married to a Marine. Trust me, there ain't much to do there and your Marine's gonna be off trainin' or fightin' or just spending time with his buddies most of the time. No, I'm gettin' out so that we can really build a life together - where I don't have to follow orders bbs preteens info and fly off to some hell hole halfway around the world at a moment's notice. Besides all that, I ain't marryin' you because you're good sex - though you are that! I'm marryin' you because I can't imagine life without you by my side." he said, as he leaned down and gently kissed me."But if guys play around with other guys in the Corps, why can't they just do that? Why do they have to get married?" I asked naively."Well, lemme see if I can explain that. It's imageboard preteen ranchi like... I could fuck girls. I did it in high school but, no matter how many I fucked, it might get my load off, but it ain't what I want. I want a guy - no two ways about it. For me, guys are better. With those guys, well...for them girls are better. No matter how many guy's asses they fuck or how many blowjobs they get, they still wanna fuck pussy. There's also the one's that won't play around with other guys no matter what. They want gia model preteen pussy preteen rape arrest only. Even the one's who don't play around, it's like, once they get married, then they're masculinity is assuaged and it's okay to play with guys because to the outside world, they're straight as an arrow. Shit, some of the guys who'd never touched another guy in their lives, get married and, the next thing you know, they're gettin' their asses fucked and given blowjobs like the biggest queers you ever saw! But they're okay with it now because they've got link preteen models pussy to go home to preteen orgasms and fuck so that everybody will think that they're 'straight'!" Erik laughed out loud at this."But nude beach preteen they're not!" preteen incest thumb I insisted."That ain't the point. Guys play some really weird head-games with themselves over their fuckin' dicks. There's an old sayin' that 'a hard dick has no conscience'. Well, that may be true when it's hard. Then a dude will do just about anything! But once their dick goes soft, once they get their rocks off, that big head starts takin' over the thinkin' from the little head and then they start makin' up all kinds of lies and excuses to get over the guilt and fear from what they did while they were horny!" Erik explained."Fuck! Straight guys must be pretty fucked up!" I said."Straight guys? You mean you think that bein' queer you can't be fucked up?" Erik laughed."Not like that!" I said."Bullshit! I know a lot of preteen bikini nudists guys who are queerer than I am but too afraid to admit it! They're fuckin' married and got kids and won't touch another guy!" he said."Well...that ain't me!" I said."No, I'll bet you're another kind of fucked up." he laughed.I rose up and glared at him."What do you mean?!" I asked, getting somewhat hot under the collar."I'll bet that you preteen anal trailer can't stand limp-wristed, nelly little queens." he grinned right in my face."Fuck no! I can't fuckin' stand 'em!" I agreed."Why not?" he asked."Why not?! Cause they act like fuckin' girls and give the rest of us a bad name! That's why!" I practically shouted at him."But don't you get it? No matter what they 'act' like, they still got a dick and balls, so they're still guys. And besides, you're no less 'queer' than they are! Just because you and me, we try to act all 'butch' and shit, it don't make us any less queer! Ask any share preteen videos pussy-muncher that! He'll fuckin' tell you! In fact, for most straight guys, the nelly ones are the guys he's most comfortable with. They're queer and everybody knows it. He feels sorry for them and superior to them because he's a 'man' and they ain't - at least in his mind. He might even let them blow preteen nn trailer him schoolgirl preteens sex when he's horny or fuck their asses - so long as nobody ever finds out. But he feels safe with them. He knows they ain't ever gonna 'overpower' him or try to fuck his butt. With guys like us, well...they're scared shitless of us! Fuck! I might fuckin' turn him over and fuck his butt! Not that, in the end, he wouldn't love it but he can't deal with that in his head! Not at all. But for you or me, who's just as queer as they are, to think we're 'superior' to the nelly ones just because we act like guys and they don't, well that's major fucked up! We're both gay. We ain't got no right to play straight guy games and look down on anybody who's gay. We may not want to fuck 'em, but that don't make us better than they are because, believe me, straight guys don't think so! To a lot of them, a queer's a queer - period. Don't matter how butch you act. You suck cock or get your ass fucked, you're queer." he explained."But if you're a guy, you toplist preteen paysite should act like a guy!" I said."If we're lookin' at what makes a guy 'fuckable', yeah, I'll agree with you. But if you're just talkin' about behavior in general, then I don't. People ought to have the right to be themselves. To act however they want as long as they ain't hurtin' anybody. We might ask the question 'do I act like a guy because I think that's the right way to act or do I act that way because I'm afraid of anybody finding out that I'm really queer?' Remember, there's a lot of people out there think that they ought to lock you and me up in jail for fuckin' each other. Luckily the Supreme Court finally put a stop to that shit! But it don't change preteen first sex people's minds just because the law changes. Look at that asshole Fred Phelps! Ain't that some fuckin' shit!" Erik said, and I could see fire in his eyes."Who the fuck is that?" I asked."Why, and here I thought you read everything you could get your hands on and you ain't never heard of Fred Phelps? Calls himself Rev. Phelps? Fuckin' has this website called ''! Goes around the country with his 'congregation' of bigots, picketing anything gay. Fuckers even had the fuckin' gall to picket Matthew Shepard's funeral!" Erik said, and I could almost see flames shooting out of his nose he was so angry."You're kidding?! Matthew Shepard - the college student who was murdered by those two guys because he was gay?!" I asked."Exactly! And this asshole Phelps and his shit-for-brains followers came to his funeral waving signs saying that 'God Hates Fags!' and that Matthew was goin' to hell and shit like that! And the worst part is, as a member of the military, I might have to put my life on the line to defend that asshole's rights to say such preteen shower pic crap!" Erik growled."But that's not right!" I said."Yes, it is." Erik said, calming down. "That's what democracy is all about. People having the freedom to say almost anything they want - whether you agree with it or not. And that includes all them limp-wristed, nelly little queens out there."I looked at him in shock and then it hit me. Yeah. He ukrainian incest preteens was right. I had no right to look down on them. Erik was right. I was just as 'queer' as they were. Just because I didn't act like they did, was that really because I thought it was better to act like a guy or was it because I was so afraid of anybody ever finding out I was queer? If I was going to be really honest with myself, that was a part of it. I saw how guys who acted queer were treated in school. How they were harassed and ridiculed and even physically abused. I sure didn't want that to happen to me! I didn't have to like the way they acted and I didn't have to agree with it but, Erik was right. I didn't have any right to put them down either. That made me just as bad (if not worse) than the guys who did that to them in school! Almost as bad as the 'Fred Phelps' of the world."I guess you're right." I said quietly, hanging my head in preteen abused pics shame."Hey! Don't get all fucked up about it! We've all got prejudices. Some of us more than others. Some people it's racial, like they don't like blacks or Asians. With some people it's ethnic - they don't preteen gay chatroom like Poles or Mexicans. Some of them, preteen tushy it's religious - they hate Jews or Catholics or whatever. It's the fear of anything that's 'different'. I saw it dozens of times in the Corps. Guys come in with these prejudices - usually against people they ain't never spent any time around in their whole lives. I remember one in particular - Private Sean O'Brien. A boy with 'The Map of Ireland on his face!'. Straight from the neighborhood in south Boston they call 'Southie' - as deeply racially prejudiced an area as any place in the deep south!" he said."Really?" I asked."Yepper! Well, old Sean - he hated blacks. He also hated Jews, Hispanics and basically anybody that wasn't a white Irishman from south Boston! Why he joined the Marines was beyond me! I guess he watched too many John Wayne movies and thought that the Corps was all as 'lily white' as 'Southie' was. So, anyway, he gets to boot camp and suddenly he's surrounded with guys who are black, Puerto Rican, Jewish, even some Vietnamese! And if that's not bad enough, his DI is black! Not only that, but all these guys, they're better at almost everything than he is!" Erik laughed at this point."So what happened?" I asked."Well, they go out on this night patrol and old Sean gets separated from the rest of his platoon and gets his ass royally lost! So the DI asks for volunteers to go out and find him. And, don't you know, three guys volunteer - two of them black and the other Puerto Rican. They find Sean, hanging on for dear life from this tree growing out of the side of a ravine that he'd fallen into in the preteen bathing dark. The ravine was about sixty foot deep and if Sean hadn't grabbed that tree, they probably would have been sending him home in a box! He's about fifteen preteen nudity or twenty feet down the ravine. The three guys on the rescue team hang onto each other's ankles and one of them hangs down in the ravine and grabs Sean and preteen 12 bbs they pull him back up until he's safe." Erik said."Wow! So what preteen pics nudes happened then?" I asked, excited by the story."Well, here was Sean, grateful as hell to be rescued but having to thank two black preteen rape underage guys and a Puerto Rican for saving his lily white butt! Not only that, but Sean was aware that these guy knew EXACTLY how he felt about them! He actually asked them why the fuck they'd even volunteered to rescue him! One of the black guys - a guy named Moe - told him. He said, 'Dude! You're a fuckin' Marine. Don't matter you're an ignorant, prejudiced muthafucker! You're a Marine and Marines don't let other Marines down!'. From that day, Sean changed. He let go of all his prejudices - at least where his brother Marines were concerned and he and Moe actually became good friends." Erik finished the story."So there's hope for me, huh?" I asked sheepishly."Babe, there's hope for all of us." Erik said, pulling me close again and kissing me - passionately this time. "You ready for bed?""I'm not really tired." I said."Who said anything about sleep?" he grinned. "Besides, when I'm done with you - you will tits preteens gallery be!"I grinned back. Erik grabbed my hand and pulled me up off the couch and half dragged me into the bedroom. We stripped down quickly and hopped onto the bed and back into each other's arms. We ended up fucking each other and then 69ing before we were both exhausted and fell asleep in each other's arms.The preteen modal portal next day, Erik and I went out early. He found a pay phone with a yellow pages in it and found out that there was a branch of the bank he banked with in Virginia not very far away. We went there and Erik had the account transferred to that branch and we signed new signature cards, putting me on the account. From there, he took me to a store where he bought a second cell-phone like his and then called and had me added to that account as well. With those two things accomplished, Erik called Wally, who had given Erik his home vombat elweb preteen number the night before and found out that Wally had, indeed, contacted one of the policemen that he knew and told Erik where to go to apply to become a dispatcher. I went with him, though I waited outside while he went in and filled out an application. He then took me to lunch at a nearby Chinese restaurant. Like steak, Chinese food was something else that I had never had but I did like it. Erik told me that there were lots of foods that he wanted to introduce me to and I agreed to keep an open mind about trying them.Finally, having done everything we could get done, we headed back to the apartment. On the way, we passed the bookstore and I took Erik inside because I wanted him to meet Mr. Holloway."So this is the stranded Marine, huh?" Mr. Holloway said. "Glad to finally meet you. When you left, I thought I was gonna have to shoot young Tim here! He was good for nothing until your anamie xxx preteen first letter arrived!"I stood there getting red in the face from embarrassment. Erik just grinned and said to Mr. Holloway,"I wasn't good for much either, sir. I missed him something awful!""So now you're gonna take him away to the Marine Corps with you?" Mr. Holloway asked Erik.", Mr. Holloway. I'm not." I said."You're not? But I thought you wanted to go. preteen thong free Wanted to be with this young Marine here?" Mr. Holloway asked, obviously confused."Sir, it's unlikely that if Tim joined the Corps we'd ever get to serve together. We've decided we don't want to risk that. We want to be together. So, I'm going to leave the Corps and Tim's going preteen nudemodel to go to college." Erik said."Really? Where?" Mr. Holloway asked."Well, actually, right here preteen feet pix at City College. Erik and I are going to live together. He just fre preteen applied to become a police dispatcher." I said."Yes, sir. I've got two months to go on my enlistment and then I'll be coming back here to be with Tim." Erik said."But I thought you needed the Marine Corps to help pay for college, Tim?" Mr. Holloway asked me."Erik thinks I can make it on grants and scholarships and loans." I said."And whatever isn't covered, we'll pay for somehow. Tim needs to pic preteen sxe be in college. He's too smart not to be." Erik said, beaming nn toplist preteen at me with pride."I couldn't agree more! I wasn't going to say anything before because you had your heart set on going to the Marines so you could be with Erik here, but now free little preteen that your plans have changed, let me say something to you. I don't think you're going to have any trouble getting into college. I have a number of friends on the faculty there as well as in the administration of the college. I can easily arrange a full scholarship for you. I think you are incredibly deserving illegal preteen sluts of it and I'd like to see you get it. I also want you to know, that your job here is secure as well. I figure that part-time work should help with the expenses that aren't covered by the scholarship and help the two of you financially." Mr. Holloway said.I stood there speechless! A full scholarship! I young shaved preteen couldn't believe it! Without even thinking of what I was doing, I threw my arms around Mr. Holloway and hugged him! What was even more shocking was - he hugged me back!"Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! You don't know what this means to me!" I enthused."Actually, I think I do." Mr. Holloway said, holding me out at arms length. "It means that I never have to worry about you ending up like your poor mother.""No. I surely won't do that! But having Erik will take care of that." I said, blushing."Yes, I believe you're right. Having this young Marine around certainly will take care of that!" Mr. Holloway smiled at the two of us."Thank you, sir!" Erik said, I'm sure meaning for the help that he was giving me."It's not a problem, Marine. Neither of you could know, but there was a time that I wanted you to become my son, Tim." Mr. Holloway said.I looked at him in shock."I tried to help your mother. I tried to get her off the streets. I even offered to marry her and make a home for both of you but she refused. I loved your mother very much, Tim, and I hated seeing what happened to her. The only thing in her life that meant anything to her was you, so I want to do anything I can to help you in memory of her. You remind me a lot of her. Her independence and her spunk! The only thing she never found was love. But you have young Erik here so I have no doubt you'll fulfill the potential that your mother and I always knew you had." he said.I stood there in shock. I could see something I never in a million years expected to see - tears in Mr. Holloway's eyes! I guess he had loved my mother!"Mr. Holloway, I don't know how sexy preteen teens to thank you for this. I'm sorry that my mother didn't take you up on your offer. I guess she was too afraid of men, afraid that videos teens preteen they were all like her own father. I'm sorry because I never had chid preteen a father. Would you mind...well...if I thought of you as kind of a 'step-father'?" nn preteen com I asked quietly.Now it was Mr. Holloway's turn to look shocked. Then he smiled - something I'd never seen him really do before!"No, Tim. I don't mind at all! In fact, I'd rather like it if you did...uhh...son." he said and through his smile I could see tears glistening in his eyes.For some reason, I could feel tears welling up in mine as well. Then, not realizing how it happened, Mr. Holloway and I were hugging again - only this time the hug was tighter, warmer and more loving than the last one had been.When we finally broke apart, Mr. Holloway looked at Eric."Well, it's not every day that a man gains a son and a son-in-law all at once. How about I take the two of you out to dinner tonight - unless beasty pre teen you have other plans, that is." Mr. Holloway asked."'s just that Eric has to go back tomorrow and won't be back for two months...and...well..." I stumbled."Say no more! I completely understand! It can wait until you come back, Eric. You two need to be alone together tonight." Mr. Holloway said."Thank you, sir. For understanding." Eric smiled."Well, there are those who would never believe it, but I was young once myself." Mr. Holloway smiled."We'd better get going. I'll see you tomorrow." I said."Yes, and perhaps by that exotic preteen nudes time, I can have some things at the college worked out." Mr. Holloway said and then he reached up and ruffled my hair.I smiled at him. Eric reached out and they shook hands."I'm glad to have met you, Erik. I can see that Tim's choice of a mate is a good one." Mr. Holloway told him."Thank you, sir. I think my choice was excellent." Erik said."I would have to agree with you on that one." Mr. Holloway said, looking at me.I blushed red and grabbed Erik's arm, pulling him out of the store. We walked back to the apartment and as soon as we got inside, Eric grabbed me in his arms."So now you've got a step-father and a full scholarship to college! Not bad for an afternoon!" he smiled down at me."I have to admit, I'm totally shocked by all of this!" I said. "I had no idea that Mr. Holloway even male preteens knew my mother that well. She sure never talked about him.""I got the feeling that a lot of what Mr. Holloway talked about went on when you were very, very young. But, it doesn't matter. By the time I get back, you'll be all set up and probably attending classes." Erik said."Wouldn't that be great? I really can't wait." I said."So what are you going to major in?" Erik asked."Well, what I really want to be is a writer so I figure Journalism or something like that. That way I could work on a newspaper or magazine." I said."What about writing books?" Erik asked. preteens top tgp "The way you love to read, I would think that's what you'd want to do.""Eventually - but I need to make a living. I don't want to be completely dependent on you." I said."Why not?""Because it's not fair. I've made my own way for most of my life. Just because I have you, doesn't mean that I get to stop doing that. Besides, if we both have incomes, we can make a much nicer life for ourselves." I reasoned."Well, that's true. I think we'd better sit down and have a talk about something, though." he said and I didn't like the sound of groups preteen forum his voice when he said it. It sounded like something he really didn't want to talk about."Well, if we're going to talk, child models preteen let's do it in the kitchen. That way, I can make a pot of coffee." I said.We walked into the kitchen and I did exactly that. When the coffee was finished, I brought a cup over to the table for each of us. Erik put his usual four teaspoons of sugar in it and then looked up at me."There is one issue that we haven't talked about yet." Erik said."I can't imagine what that would be!" I said. "It seems we've talked about just about everything!""It's the preteen nonude jpg issue of family." Erik said."Well...that's not much of an issue. I don't have one." I said."But I do. It's going to come as a shock to them that I'm getting out of the Corps. Of course, what's really going to shock them is that I'm not coming home." he said."Will they be pissed?" I asked."I don't really care." he said. "I'm not going to live my life to please them. I don't care what they want. All their shit about getting married and raising a family - my brothers did that. I don't need to.""You've got brothers?!" I exclaimed.Erik had never mentioned that before."Yeah. Two of them. Not that you'd know it, though. You see, I don't really know them very well. preteen angel cp I was what you preteen young lol call a 'change of life' baby. My mom was over 40 when she had me. My brothers were already grown. By the time I was five, they were both moved out of the house and were married. My oldest brother, Tom, has kids my age. I'm not really close to my brothers at all. When I was growing up, they were too busy with their own families." he said."How do you think they'll take it?" I asked."I don't know. They'll probably either ignore it or side with my mother. That's what they did when I joined the Corps." he said."What do you mean?" I asked." mother didn't want me to join the Corps. Luckily, since I was 18, she couldn't do anything about it. My Dad had been a Marine. He understood, I think, about me wanting to go but he wouldn't cross my mother. Nobody in the family will except me. She runs everything and everybody except me. That really pisses her off." he said quietly."I take it none of them know about you." I asked softly."No, not really. I've got the feeling that maybe my Dad does. He's the only one who tries to stand up for me with Mom. Anyway, it's not going to matter. Like I said, I don't care how they feel about it or what they want. The only thing that matters to me is that we love each other and want to be together." he said.I put my arms around his neck and gently kissed him on the cheek."That's all I care about, too." I said."Okay! Enough of this! I have to leave tomorrow and I want to spend every moment until then making love to you! I gotta try and make up for the two months I gotta be without you!" he grinned."Hey! It's gonna be the same two months for me!" I said."Yeah. I know. But just remember, when I come back the next time, I don't ever have to leave again." he smiled and then kissed me deeply."Ya wanna fuck here on the couch?" I murmured tiny preteen twinks as we broke the kiss."Nah! I wanna do it in bed. More room." he grinned.We went into the bedroom and quickly stripped. I slid into the bed and into his arms. I lay my head on his chest and I could smell his scent surrounding me. I breathed deeply, letting his scent fill me. I could hear him doing the preteen naked hentai same thing. It excited me knowing that he loved my scent as much as I loved his. I wondered if that would ever change? If his scent would become so familiar that it ceased to excite me? I kind of doubted it. At least, I prayed preteens from filipinas it wouldn't."Roll over on your stomach." he said softly.I did as he asked and he got on top of me. He'd never fucked me this way before. He'd always fucked me on my back. This was the way that I fucked him.Just as I always did with him, he started licking and nibbling at my neck and ears as his hard cock ground into the cleft of my butt. Then he began sliding down my body, licking and sucking at the skin of my back, until he reached my ass. I could feel him pull my buns apart with his hands and then could hear his deep breaths as he sucked in the scent of my butt. Next I felt his tongue sliding up and down my butt-crack, licking me and getting me ready to fuck.His tongue pushed its way into my hole as I pushed down on my ass muscles to relax. His tongue was like a small, wet, rough preteens wearing lingerie cock moving preteen underground dark in and out of my hole, fucking me. I fucking hot preteens groaned at the feeling and pushed my butt back, eager to have all of his tongue buried in preteens artist nudism my butt. model preteen net I love it when he ate my butt. I loved it when I ate his preteen latinas nude butt. I had no idea which I loved more. At the moment, I just didn't want him to stop!He ate my ass for quite a long time - longer preteen boy dicks than he usually did. By the time he was done, I seriously doubted if he really needed lube video illegal preteen to fuck me I felt so loose and open. But Erik was not about to take a chance on hurting me. He grabbed the lube off the night stand where banned preteens it usually sat and began using his fingers along with the preteen porno queens lube to relax my hole more and really get me ready to take his big cock. However, once I was lubed, Erik gave me a complete surprise."Okay. You're ready. Follow me!" he said and I could feel him get off the bed.I looked over my shoulder at him."Where are we going?" I asked, confused."You'll see! Come on!" he grinned.Still befuddled by this, I got up off the bed and followed him, my hard cock leading the way. I child preteen tgp followed Erik into the bathroom and then into the shower stall. He didn't turn on the water so I figured, for some reason, he wanted us to have a little 'piss fight' first, before he fucked me. That usually came after but I wasn't concerned. I always found it fun.But Erik evidently had something else in mind because he maneuvered me to where I was leaning my face against the wall and my butt stuck out towards him. Then he grabbed hold of my shoulders with his hand and I could feel his cock begin to slide up my hole. I spread my legs more, giving him more room and spreading my ass further. He slowly slid his huge cock all the way up inside me. I groaned at the incredible feeling of fullness as I felt his balls hit the back of my own as he filled me completely. He stayed that way for a few moments and then began to slowly fuck in and out of me. Not far each time, just a few inches. He was licking and nibbling at my shoulders and ear lobes as he fucked me and I was groaning an pushing my ass back, impaling myself on his cock as he fucked me.Then he jammed his cock all the way in my ass and just stopped. Didn't move at all. I wondered what was up? Was he trying to hold back cumming? It seemed too soon for that. As we stood there, I felt his cock begin to soften in my hole, losing it's erection. I still was confused about what was happening when I felt this warmth filling up my hole and making it feel like Erik's dick was growing huge inside of me. I heard him groan deeply and it was then that I finally realized what the fuck was going on!Erik was pissing! Erik was taking a piss up inside my ass!I groaned at the feeling of warmth and fullness that was filling up my bowels. It was like nothing I had ever felt before! When Erik finished pissing, I could feel his cock begin to grow and preteen interracial xxx harden again. Then he began to slowly fuck me, sliding in and out of my butt on the combination of lube, my ass juices and his own hot piss! FUCK! It was an incredible feeling! I could feel the warmth of his piss as it flowed out of my hole and down over the back of my balls every time he pulled back on his cock. Even more gushed out around his cock as he shoved preteen beach it back in! I could smell the scent of his raw piss as he fucked in and out of me. All in all, it was a very raunchy and very exciting experience."I've marked you now, inside and out! You're mine, fucker, forever!" He growled in my ear as he fucked me."Yes! Yes, Erik! I'm yours! Fuck me! FUCK ME!" I cried out.The fuck didn't last xxx preteens models long. We were both far too turned on for that. Erik was pounding the fuck out of my butthole and I was preteen bikini angels shoving back, slamming my hole against him with each thrust his cock made into my chute. We were soon both screaming preteen nude phots and cumming - Erik up my ass and me against the tile walls of the shower stall."FUCK!!!" Erik cried out."FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!!" I cried out as my cock shot it's load all over the tile walls without me even touching it.I came and came until I free preteen pictues thought my cock would never stop shooting. I could feel Erik's cock up my ass as it, too, quivered as he unloaded inside me. I would have collapsed against the wall but Erik had his arms wrapped tightly around me and was holding me up, impaled on his cock. I could feel his cum and his piss still pouring out of my ass around his cock. It was, without doubt, one of the most intense orgasms I had ever art pics preteen experienced as well as being the most raunchily erotic thing Erik had ever done to preteen hc sex me."Fuck! That was incredible!" I moaned."Yeah! Really intense, huh?" Erik moaned in my ear as his hands slid up my body and began to massage my pecs."Mmm! Yeah!" I groaned at his touch."Like that, huh?" he chuckled low in his throat as his hands continued massaging me."Oh, fuck yeah!" I said, reaching up and grabbing one of his hands and sliding it down to my groin where my cock was still hard."Mmm! Yeah, I see! Wanna do me now?" he murmured."Fuck, yeah!" I said.Fuck his ass? You bet!He let go of me and we maneuvered in the shower stall until he was leaning against the wall like I had been and I was down on my knees, peeling his butt cheeks apart and burying my face in his fragrant butt! God! To think at one time I thought eating out a guy's butt was gross! That was before I ate Erik's butt! Now I loved it more than almost anything! I jammed my tongue up his willing hole and he opened up to me. It boylove preteen underage didn't take long and I was standing behind him and he squatted down more so that my cock was level with his hole."Yeah! Shove it in! Slam that fuckin' cock up my hole!" Erik groaned.I took him at his word and, with a quick thrust of my hips, I buried my cock in his butt. I slid all the way in with one thrust and Erik groaned at the feeling of being impaled on my rod. I stopped for a moment to let him get used to it and then began fucking him. I thrust in and out for a few minutes when I bbs black preteen noticed something. I needed to take a wicked piss myself. I wondered if I could? I knew I could piss through a hardon, I just didn't know if I could do it up Erik's butt. I decided 'nothing ventured, nothing gained' and I stopped thrusting and just rested my cock in his hole as I tried to relax my muscles to allow my piss to flow. I figured Erik was aware of what was up because he held very still and relaxed his hole. It took a couple of minutes but, all of a sudden, I could feel my piss spewing through my piss tube. I could feel the additional heat around cock as my piss began to fill up his hole."Oh, fuck! Yeah! That's it! Piss up my hole! Fill my ass with your hot piss!" Erik groaned.I could horny preteen ******** feel the piss begin to flow out of his hole around my cock and soon my own piss was drenching my own balls. It was an incredibly sensual feeling and I groaned in reaction to it as well as to the feeling of release at being able to empty my very full bladder. My cock had never gone soft, however, so as my piss-load nasty ass preteens emptied, I began fucking him again, shoving my cock in and out of his very wet and full hole.Having just gotten off not but a few minutes before, I figured that I would have pics preteen post some 'staying power' for this fuck, but I was wrong. The combination of emptying my piss into him and the feeling of the hot liquid in his tight channel was driving me closer and closer to cumming once again. I only hoped that it was enough stimulation for Erik. I wanted to get him off as well.I guess I needn't have worried. I no more began to worry about whether or not I could get Erik off and I heard him groaning and could feel his chute begin to clench and unclench around my plundering cock. It was more than obvious that he was about to cum."OH FUCK! FUCK ME! SLAM THAT COCK IN MY HOLE! GET ME OFF!!!" he screamed.I pounded his hole as hard as I could, feeling my sex preteens model cum rising from my balls and up the jailbait nn preteens tube and out of my cock into his ass. I screamed out at the intensity of the feelings as I preteenphoto blew my load deep in his butt."FUCK! YEAH! TAKE MY LOAD! TAKE IT ALL!!!" I screamed out.I then collapsed onto Erik's back and we slowly slid to the floor of the shower together.The End of Part 7 of RECRUITED FOR THE CORPSIf you preteen models cp liked the story, please write me at rimpigflyahoo.comI have over 60 stories on the Nifty website. If you'd like a complete listing of them, japanese preteen legal write me and I'll be glad to send it to you.I WILL NO LONGER HAVE A NOTIFY LIST!!!Instead, there is now a Yahoo Group that you can join where you will find links to all of my stories and the illustrations to BUDDY SYSTEM and to DANGEROUS MARINE. I will ONLY Notify people who are members of the group about my new stories.To join the group, go to: also have a "blog" called THE PIG TROUGH where I do more preteen fresh serious writing about life and everything in it. You can reach it at always, I ask if you liked the story to make a contribution to Nifty to keep the site running and free!Thank you.RimPig
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